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Monthly Archives: November 2016

List of banned items on the plane

Due to the safety issues with the batteries, well-known Hoover boards, and Samsung’s Note 7 phones made it to the list of items banned on a plane. Let’s take a look at the other things that made the list. Some of them are completely banned, some can travel in your checked in luggage. Below we have a list of banned items.


Always in the carry-on luggage. They can’t be in a checked-in bag.

Small Tools
If the tools are less than 7” they can travel in your carry-on bag. Tools bigger than that should be packed appropriately in the check-in.
However, if you plan to use scissors on the plane, they can only be 4” long with a blunt tip.

Knitting needles
This is an interesting situation. Knitting and needlepoint tools can travel in the carry-on. But tools with concealed blade are not permitted (e.g. circular thread cutter).

Baby supplies
If you travel with a small child you’re allowed to bring baby food (baby formula, breast milk, jars of food) or tethers filled with liquid/gel on board. However, don’t forget that these items must be declared before security check.

Over-the-counter as well prescription medication can be carried on board. Other liquids for a disabled person in a larger volume are permitted but have to be declared before the security check.

Lighters and safety matches
One box of matches and one lighter are allowed per passenger in carry-on luggage. However, they are NOT permitted in the check-in bag.

As long as they are nonflammable and in a 3.4oz (100ml) or smaller container (packed in a quart, clear zipper bag) they can be in your carry on.

Although there is no official rule for this category, it is recommended that all your valuable items stay with you (e.g. cash, jewelry, small electronics, etc.).


Tools and other sharp objects
Tools that are larger than 7” and sharp objects like scissors longer than 4".

Sport gear
Any objects like bats, sticks, fishing rods, etc. must be checked-in. One of the exceptions includes ice skates. They can travel in your carry-on bag.

Up to 5 liters of alcohol can travel in your check-in bag (as long as the alcohol content doesn’t exceed 70%).

Liquid or gel-like food items
Items like that are allowed on the plane as long as they were purchased after the security check. In other cases, pack them in your check-in bag. It might be a surprise to you but things like gel candles, gel shoe inserts as well as snow globes have to travel in your check-in luggage. No two ways about it.

Guns and replicas
You can also travel with some sorts of guns and replicas, as long as they are checked in and declared. However, it might be a good idea to check with your airlines if they have their own set of rules regarding that.


Anything flammable you should plan to leave at home. Items like aerosol cans, flammable paint, paint thinners, fuels and strike-anywhere matches are forbidden on passenger flights. Any chemicals like bleach, tear gas, or fire extinguisher are not permitted on the planes. That also includes hydrogen peroxide. No travel items also include any explosive materials like fireworks, blasting caps or flares.
Hopefully, this list will help you to avoid any troubles at the airport during the security check. In case any more concerns, it might be a good idea to contact your airlines or visit Transportation Security Administration website for a more detailed list of forbidden items.

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